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Antarctica via Nebraska

Its official.  Im a blogger.  I suppose its better than joining Facebook though.  Throughout the next few months Ill be using the site as a portal into my world as a project engineer/hot water driller working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.  My journey to the ice (Antarctica) started in Framingham, Massachusetts where I was working as an engineer.  After a few years of trying to get a position working on the ice I finally got the opportunity to work with the Andrill Science Management Office at the University of Nebraska.  Each red blob on the map represents a stop along the way to the ice starting with Framingham.  After a 4 month stop in Lincoln, NE I drove west to Portland Oregon (where I am writing from) to meet my fiance (Becky) where we now live.  This week I am planning and packing for my trip to the ice (I leave October 18th) and will travel to LA, Sydney Australia, Christchurch NZ and finally McMurdo.   Here’s what my trip looks like:

Framingham to Portland to LA to Sydney to Christchurch to McMurdo. The plane in the picture is a C-17 Military transport. I couldn’t find any information on who was flying it though.


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