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Tucker Sno Cat

This weeks featured mechanical equipment is the vintage Tucker Snow Cat.  Pretty rugged rigs, eh?  Made in Medford, Oregon.





Every Sunday night there is a science lecture hosted by one of the many on going projects on the Ice.  This weeks is going to be about the project we are building the drill for (I plan on writing up a little info on hot water drilling pretty soon so stay tuned for that).  Its called WISSARD.



Our trip out to the dive hut was the first time I had been far enough away from the station to feel the remoteness of Antarctica.  The quietness and vastness of Antarctica is deafening.  No people, no traffic, no horns, no sirens.  Just seals.


This week I had the opportunity to ride out North of town in a Piston Bully with a scientist name Stacy Kim to retrieve one of her dive huts.  Stacy is a researcher in Benthic Ecology which is the study of how organisms that live on the sea floor interact to form communities.  Stacy uses a tethered, submersible ROV with various instrumentation to help her research.  The ROV occasionally requires divers to be in the water.  That’s where the dive hut comes in, also known as an apple.

The horizontal feature in this picture is a crack in the sea ice.  Seals use these cracks to get up on the ice.  They don’t ever have to worry about anything when they’re out of the water because they are to of the food chain outside of the ocean.  There were 6 or 7 mothers and pups laying out.

This little guy says, “Pass the Milk, I be thirsty!”

Nice doggies.


This is a breathing hole the seals use


Seal poo.

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