This quote was hanging up in the galley.  I like it.



The new drill camp.




Here is a small assembly I designed at the last minute in Lincoln before we came down.  Its purpose is to provide a place to clamp the ducting that protects the hose (not shown) from dirt and dust when we are drilling.  The U shaped brace clamps to the crescent using a grid of 16 soft tipped set screws and the tube is held using two heim joints so that it can pivot as the hose changes angles.



Heres another example of parts that I designed for the project.  This is a set of teflon rollers designed to prevent the hose from exceeding its minimum bend radius and kinking.  The hitch pins are there so that it can be removed easily and quickly.  I got to do the machining and fabrication on this stuff (not the rollers) in Lincoln.  Lathes and milling machines make me happy.



Heres a view looking down the hose as it travels into the container.  There is another roller assembly down there as well as a hose washing system that I designed in Lincoln this summer.   Ill get into that some other time.




Antarctic BBQ hosted by Mt. Erebus.





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