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Fox Blews

I came across this article and was hesitant to read it (considering the source) and just wanted to point out a couple things that may not be accurate.  Actually they just aren’t.  Most of the science and logistical information is relatively true.  I wanted to make it clear that this is not a war, this is not a race, there is no competition here.  Its just science.  There are no winners and there are no losers.  We are all in this together, the British, Americans and Russians.  We are friendly with both of the other crews attempting to access Antarctic sub glacial lakes and supportive of their successes and failures.

Shame on you Fox.  If you were a dog, you’d be in your crate.

Just Kidding….Still Here


Yesterday’s weather decided not to let us fly.  Instead we had a snow day.  We are scheduled for a Monday morning flight on an LC 130.  Hope for the best.  I guess I shouldn’t have thrown out my soap.









Im out….hopefully

As long as weather and logistics hold for tomorrow morning Im scheduled to fly out to Lake Whillans.  I wont be able to post anything until Im back in McMurdo around Feb 5th.  The Facebook, science roadshow blog and page will be a good way to track our progress so stay in tune with those for current information as things progress in the field.  Thanks for following and Ill post pics when Im back.


WISSARD featured in NY Times



Nature News Blog

Castle Rock

panoramic castle rock

panoramic castle rock 2


Castle rock is exactly what it sounds like.  Its castle that looks like a rock.  Or a rock that looks like a castle.  I couldnt really figure out which way it goes but it sure is fun to climb up.  If there are any old school Nickelodeon fans out there its kind of like the Aggro Crag in the show Guts.  Wind, snow, tumbling rocks, international fame and glory.  Lets go to Moe for the official time.


This is the view from the top.  The other other panoramic shots in this post are also from the top of the rock.




Finding this machine parked in the snow 3 miles away from station with no keys in it was arguably the most disappointing time in my life.  Its a Tucker Sno Cat.  Vintage: 1984.  This thing is perfect.  Hydraulic steering, 4 track drive and a cozy little cab in the back.  I just need to figure out why I need one of these back in Oregon and convince Becky that its a necessity.  The dog would like it too.  This ones name is Stella.  I spent more time in the cab of this thing than I did on Castle Rock.


Another sweet machinery/landscape juxtaposition for the collection.  Score.


Article, in the Nebraska Engineering newsletter about WISSARD

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