IceStock is Antarcticas premier musical event.  What do you like?  Bluegrass, Metallica, Hair Metal, The Beatles, Rockabilly, Ska, Folk, Britney Spears, GNR, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin?  They had it all.




Pink Torpedo performing Enter Sandman at midnight.







The official Pink Torpedo tour bus.  A grand entrance to the stage.






Daren’s bluegrass band.  Daren is on the right representing on the banjo.  Daren is part of the WISSSARD drill team.





Daren playing base for a couple Led Zeppelin songs.  Crushing it.



4 responses to “IceStock

  • mike c

    Soooo fat guy in underwear? Not the first pic of him in this getup. I will now be searching every post looking for the fat guy in underwear like some freakish mcmurdo version of wheres waldo.

    • jlemery

      Any excuse to dress up like a baby I guess. He was at Halloween dressed as Halloween Baby as well. Funny thing is he is a cook so whenever I see him in the galley Im relieved that he is actually fully dressed.

  • Laurel Landers

    Looks like you guys know how to have fun!

  • Dan

    So-o-o, did you need to audition to get your job? That’s a fair amount of talent for such a select crew – of course we’re not hearing them, only seeing, so maybe not so much?

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