Maps and Randoms

Ice Thickness Map

co Ice Thickness Map


RossIsland_RADARI pulled most of the pics in this post from the common drive availabe to everybody at McMurdo.  There are some pretty neat maps in there.  Here is a small sampling.

US vs. Antarctica

US vs. Antarctica

USAP Stations

USAP Stations


Becon Valley


McMurdo Aerial

McMurdo Aerial

Ice Stock 2012 167


Tall Penguin

Tall Penguin



c 17


2006 Sout Pole Traverse Map

2006 Sout Pole Traverse Map



4 responses to “Maps and Randoms

  • Dan

    OK, is McMurdo closest to NZ? South America? I assume NZ, because of your excellent map at the start of your journey… But it’s all “north” from there, so . . . ???

    • jlemery

      South America is the closest continent to Antarctica. McMurdo is closest to New Zealand, which is why everyone that is stationed at McMurdo flies through Christchurch. The folks going to Palmer station fly through South America, not NZ.

  • jim fitzpatrick

    When is your tour over,Jeff?
    Jim Fitz

    • jlemery

      We are scheduled to fly out of the field back to McMurdo on February 5th. After that we’ll be on the first plane North to New Zealand. Then ill travel for about a month, meet Becky in Hawaii and return to Oregon around the first week of March.

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