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Blog Article about the WISSARD drillers


Meet my co workers and friends.  These guys are rad.




Does this make me look fata?


This is the best example of Fata Morgana that Ive seen on the ice.  This is a photograph of Ivan the Terra Bus off in the distance.

A Fata Morgana is an unusual form of a mirage that appears right above the horizon.  The name comes from the vulgar latin word for “fairy” and an some sorceress named Morgan le Fay.  Turns out that she believed that these mirages she was looking at in the Strait of Messina were fairy tale castles and or false land created by witchcraft to lure sailors to their death.   In reality, they’re just cool to look at and Morgan le Fay was totally irrational.  Witch craft?  Really?




These are two pictures from a friend of mine that got a quick daytip to the ice caves.  If I was a superhero Id probably make this my home base.





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