2014 sites


Heres a quick summary of what our field season looked like:


Flew from McMurdo to Cresis camp on a Herc.  Camped one night at Cresis in an Arctic Oven.


Traversed from Cresis to site 1A (about 18 miles) and setup camp


Drill setup, drilled hole 1A to 680 meters, packed drill to move to site 2


Moved to site 1B.  I had worked the night shift and went to bed sometime in the early morning hours.  When I woke up I was the only person left at camp so I packed my tent and hitched a ride on a snow mobile to the new site 1 km away.  We then drilled the second hole to 680 M.


Took a shower outside and we packed camp and the drill for the 12 hour traverse to site 2A (the third borehole)


Setup camp and drill, drilled third hole


Packed camp and drill and traversed to the fourth and final hole. Completed 4th hole.


Winterize drill


Basler flight back to McMurdo


Now Ill post some fun pictures because looking at pictures is way more fun  than reading.







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